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Utilize the most powerful web hosting platform for guilds and join over 100,000 clans, guilds and esport teams. Create your guild team website in minutes, for free!

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Made For All Guilds

Our web hosting platform is built from the ground up for guilds. Raid calendars, forums, rosters, achievements, awards and voice servers are just some of the hundreds of features we've made for guilds.

Guilds love using our hosting.

Run Your Tournaments & Events

Our built in tournament manager gives you the power to run single and double elimination tournaments. Record your matches against other teams with ease and show off your skills.

Level Up!

Track your guild members progress with advanced, customizable leaderboards and statistics logging. Add custom profile fields and to add your own game-specific information. Log your raids and matches and show off to the world!

Your Own Social Network

Your new guild website allows you to connect with your guild members like never before. Instant chat messaging, newsletters and notifications are just some of the features you'll love using.

Browse On The Go!

Worried about what your website looks like on your mobile device? Not anymore! Your website is automatically converted over to our mobile view, hassle free. Stay connected, even when on the go.

Hundreds More Features...

  • Custom Domain Names
  • Deep Admin Levels
  • Announcements
  • Customizable Member Profiles
  • Groups
  • Custom Email Forms
  • FTP File Hosting
  • Shopping & Payments
  • Website Translation
  • Feature Rich Forums
  • Member Ranks
  • Ban Members
  • Member Galleries
  • Voice Server
  • Custom Smileys
  • Censored Words
  • Approve/Reject Registrations
  • Awards
  • Powerful Theme Editing
  • Blogging
  • News posts
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