Training credit – how to obtain?

Since the competition does not sleep in professional life, constant further education and good training are a must for everyone who wants to achieve something in terms of career.

For those who cannot finance their training themselves and whose parents cannot guarantee sufficient support, a loan for further training is an option. The employer does not always pay for the costs of further training for his employee. However, since many still do not want to do without personal development and new training focuses, there is the loan for further training or educational credit.

The education loan – often on favorable terms

The education loan - often on favorable terms

A loan for advanced training or educational credit is earmarked and may only be applied for to finance the advanced training. A credit for further training is an option if you want to finance your studies, a master’s course or, if you’re already on the job, want to continue your education. However, if you already have a job and want to change the division and get a new training, no loan is granted for further training. Students in particular enjoy particularly favorable conditions with an education loan. They often receive additional support from the state in the form of training grants in accordance with the Education Promotion Act. However, this is not always the case because parents often earn more than the limit. The loan amount is usually not paid in one, but in monthly installments with which the trainee makes a living.

Repayment modalities

Repayment modalities

The interest on an education loan is usually low and repayment often does not have to start until you have worked for a year, for example, after completing your studies. In many educational loans, installment payments can also be adjusted to the income level that was achieved after training.

Get there faster with the education loan

Get there faster with the education loan

As mentioned earlier, a continuing education loan is for people who are already working and need to buy work materials to achieve their learning goals. In any case, a loan for further training on favorable terms is worth it if you cannot finance the further training in any other way – because you can progress faster with learning and can concentrate on further training instead of having to earn money on the side.

This often shortens the study time and achieves your personal training goal faster. If you want to do a particularly expensive advanced training, you must also guarantee that you can pay back the borrowed money. Installment loans are often advisable to those wishing to continue their training. The customer has to prove that regular cash receipts take place in his salary account. As a rule, insight into the last three salary slips is required and positive credit information is necessary.

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