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5 Clever Ways to Make Money Online with a WordPress Site

You’ve probably read that WordPress is a good tool to help you be successful online and learning how to make money online doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you get a good understanding of how it works, you can keep growing and scaling your operation. In this article, we are going to show you 5 ways to make money with your WordPress site.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, this will change the way that you think about earning money. Affiliate marketing is one of the most hands off ways of earning money online and you can do it through your WordPress site.

You can take a product from someone, let’s say Amazon, place it on your site and if someone buys through your unique affiliate link, you get a commission. Yes, this is an oversimplified way of explaining it and there is more that goes into it, but this is the basic concept.

Let’s say that you bought a brand new computer. You love its feature and it has helped you be more productive with the work that you are doing. If you are good at math, you could figure out how much more money your computer helped you earn if you work online, post a review with your link and show people why they should buy it.

You are offering value to your readers and you are getting cash for sending customers to purchase the product.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts usually won’t come about until your site is getting pretty popular. People want to buy sponsored posts from blogs that have high traffic and a high DA (domain authority) because it gives their site a boost when you link back to them.

A sponsored post is a post that is usually written by someone else and posted on your site for payment. Mots bloggers put “sponsored” or “advert” at the top of these posts to let their users know that they were paid to place this post. This is to keep transparency and trust with the readers and rarely has a negative effect on how people consume the content.

Some bloggers make thousands of dollars for a sponsored post on their site. This is something many bloggers aspire to, but not everyone gets there. If you work on building your readership and the trust people have for your site, it could be you.

3. Google Adsense

If you’ve ever been online, I am sure you have seen Google Adsense. These ads clutter many online sites with the past shopping options that are stored in your cookies or weight loss ads to cast a board net. Whatever ads they are, they are served through Google on various websites that have been approved to show ads.

Most bloggers won’t have a hard time getting approved for a Google Adsense account, but if you want to make things easier, you can get an Adsense account through applying on YouTube. While there are new rules that won’t allow you to make money right away with Adsense on YouTube, you can still apply and get approved for your Adsense account.

You may earn a penny for a click or a dollar. It really depends on how much a specific advertiser has bid on the ad placement. If you have a large volume of traffic in a high CPC (cost per click) niche, you can make a decent income with Adsense.

4. Directly Serving Ads

If you can’t get approved for Adsense or you don’t want to split ad revenue, you can serve ads on your site without going through an ad platform. For those of you that have WordPress, you can install a WordPress plugin that will allow you to serve ads on your site without having to do anything complicated.

While you may not be sure where you are going to go online to find people that want to buy ads on your site, there are different forums that will match website owners with people that want to buy ads. It’s a matchmaking service but for online advertisements. Finding the right advertiser could mean a nice piece of pocket change for your website.

5. Writing Reviews

If you didn’t know that you could get paid to write reviews online, just check out this post from Well Kept Wallet that talks about 50 different ways that you can legitimately get paid to write reviews online.

If you love to write and you love shopping. This could be a match made in heaven. There are FTC laws that you have to abide by to make sure that no one gets trick into buying products from people that do not truly use or like the product so make sure that you cover yourself legally before you start writing reviews. There are some simple disclaimers that you can put up that will protect you, but make sure you have them in place before you get started.


Having a WordPress site opens up a whole new world to people that want to make money online. Instead of having to worry about confusing coding and setting up a website on your own, you can use the WordPress platform to get started, put a theme up and start writing content. As you learn more about WordPress and making money online, you can improve your techniques and see more success, but getting started is the best way to start learning.

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