Broadband is a generic term used to denote the bandwidth used for transmission of multiple digital signals and traffic over various hardware mediums like optical fiber, twisted pair, radio or coaxial cables. In terms of internet access broadband is used to signify any high speed always on internet connection. Earlier technologies for internet access included dial up networking which worked upon traditional analog and packet data connection over telephone network infrastructure.

Hence as such in terms of modern day terminology broadband is an enhanced form of internet access which provides easy access to faster web browsing, quicker transmission of digital files and data, improved telephony both audio and video and supporting multi player online gaming. Optical fiber is the latest mode of high speed internet access integrating data, web, communications and online entertainment like songs and videos. So basically higher the speed of the broadband connection better is the quality of customer experience. Through the 1990s many may recall the dial up networking where a modem was attached to a telephone line and your computer and the snail slow speed with regular connection drops and reconnections. By 2014, however, almost 41% of the World population had internet access (The world transformed: 1945 to the present. pp. 431–432.) with speeds averaging at 1 MB per second.In terms of affordability also the average price of internet access has crashed the World over including India.

Just like developed countries India also is seeing lots of free WiFi broadband connections at public places, like markets, universities, hospitals and airports etc. The largest mobile service provider Airtel has also come up with a fiber based internet access plan starting from modest speeds of 40 Mbps to a whopping 300 Mbps, the plan is called Airtel V-Fiber. Besides new customers existing broadband clients can also upgrade to the new technology super fast broadband by registering interest on their website or by calling customer service at 121. With today’s growing need of higher speed to transmit data, documents, audio, video through broadband it makes perfect sense to embrace latest internet access technology. With a claimed uptime of 99% (TRAI performance indicator report) who would want to avail slower net speeds with consistent drops in connectivity of other service providers.

So what is the most basic requirement to avail the super fast V-Fiber technology. First and foremost is that you need to check whether in your area, where you wish to avail V-Fiber services has the relevant fiber infrastructure or not. This can be simply done by calling up the Airtel customer care who would confirm whether your area is covered by the fiber network or not. Once confirmed you can simply book your connection and an engineer will visit your place to install the V-Fiber modem and set up your WiFi connection. For existing Airtel broadband subscribers you need to simply opt for an upgrade and your existing modem will be replaced with the modem for V-Fiber. As of writing this article Airtel was running a special promotion under which the upgrade was offered without any increase in existing monthly rental at zero cost. So what are you waiting for exciting world of superfast internet awaits you.