How Do I Transfer My Contacts from Verizon Phone to AT&T Phone?

AT&T Wireless is one of the major mobile carriers in the U.S. and it provides various deals and offers to its valued customers. The company has a widespread wireless network all across the country. In case you want to switch to AT&T from any other service provider, then you get two options: you are willing to switch to AT&T, but don’t want to keep your existing wireless number, or you want to transfer your mobile service to AT&T while keeping the existing number.

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If you are a Verizon Wireless service user and wish to switch to AT&T Wireless, then not only are you switching your mobile carrier, but you are switching mobile networks. So, now, the question arises how your cellphone will recognize itself to that wireless network?This is because, while Verizon Wireless utilizes an activation program, based on international mobile phone identity number for your cellphone, AT&T Wireless utilizes a SIM card (subscriber identity module) that can be inserted in a cellphone.

It becomes even harder to transfer the contact address book when compared with a situation, wherein you are switching to a carrier that utilizes the same network type. Both AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless provides their customers an Internet-based phone backup system, which allows them to transfer their contacts easily.In many cases people are thinking if we conduct the review of our products and services for Design, Build and Deploy IoT Solutions in Minutes(See More: A reputed Sydney web design agency.)

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Verizon to AT&T 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer all your contacts on Verizon phone to the new AT&T phone. With these steps, you can easily transfer the contacts without requiring any additional tool.

Step 1

First of all, you need to turn on your Verizon Wireless cellphone. After this, you have to open the Media Net app on your phone. Next, visit the ‘Browse & Download’ option and then, go to ‘Get New Application.’Thereafter, choose ‘Business Tools/Information’ and open ‘Backup Assistant.’Next, click on “OK.” Now, simply follow the prompts on the screen to create or provide a PIN and synchronize your Verizon Wireless contact address book.

Step 2

Now you needto open a web browser on your PC andthen, open and sign in to your Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant. After signing in, choose Select All and click Actions Menu >> Export Contacts. Now, here, choose CSV format and then, click the “OK” option. Next, click on “Save” and then, select a location for the file to save on your computer.Finally, click on the “Save” option.

Step 3

Visit AT&T Wireless website and then, provide your wireless number on the Mobile Backup download page. After this, click on “Send.” Now, when you receive a text message on your phone, open it and click on the available link in the message. Next, follow the prompts, displayed on the screen, to download and install the Mobile Backup on the phone.

Step 4

Open any Internet browser on your computer and then, sign in to AT&T Wireless Mobile Backup. Thereafter, navigate to the Contacts tab. Now, click on “Import Contacts” and then, follow the prompts on the screen to select CSV file that was created in the Step 2. Choose all the new contacts that you uploaded to the AT&T Wireless address book. Next, click on “Send to Phone.” You are done!

Contact ATT Tech Support Service to Get Rid of Issues with Your AT&T Service

If you encounter any trouble while transferring contacts or you are facing any other AT&T issues, you can get instant help from AT&T wireless support service. No matter what type of technical problems you are facing, you can easily resolve all your issues with the help of AT&T tech support experts.

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