Ideal Phone Features for the Senior Citizens

The need for hassle free communication increases, when people age, and the telecommunication technology is trying out every new method to provide one. The senior citizens in any society have their own set of lifestyles and living conditions which might differ from one another. But few things would always be common in old age. The first is growing physical incapability and the need to remain connected with their loved ones who would be mostly away from them throughout the day. We must understand that even visual problems crop up with age, and with all this, we cannot expect them to use a technology that demands too many technicalities and complicated way of usage. At the same time, with their limited amount of money that cannot be grown as their younger days, would restrain their ability to spend much on any of the facilities, like a huge phone bill. So, they would look for an easy way out to communicate that falls under their budget.

To provide them what they want, we need to first realize them. In their phone promotion  campaigns some internet and phone providers offer best deals on the senior citizen phone plans. Here is a small note on the ideal phone features that would be comfortable to use and easy at their wallet.

They Want to Speak

After a certain age, it is a common phenomenon that our elderly people want to speak to people whoever has a patient ear and a willing heart to listen to them. The conversations in most cases go longer than usual. Many a times the people they want to talk to stay overseas and making long phone calls might put them under a pressure of spending too much on phone bills.

This scenario has to change. Although communication apps like WhatsApp and other similar apps have already addressed this issue, not every time it can serve the purpose. The reason are the following:

  • Dependence on the internet,
  • Signals might not work from every corner of the house.
  • Inability of some elderly people to learn, how to use them.
  • Some still prefer to dial that one number as they are habituated to do.
  • Voice quality of these apps are not always good and frequently face call drops that landline connections never have to.
  • So, they want something that works as per their own convenience.

No Taste for Texting or Media Streaming

Our seniors are still not very comfortable with texting, streaming music or videos, and they are not keen to browse the internet but won’t mind to have that option ready. The plans that are based on pay-as-you-go setting makes them feel better.

Long distance Calls

Today, when most of the younger generations are settling abroad, the only way left for these parents and grandparents to stay in touch with their dear ones is calling them up in quick frequency. A plan that does not charge much on long distance calls would be the one feature they would eagerly wait for.

The Bottom Line

Some telecommunication providers today are coming up with unlimited call plans that includes long distance calls as well. If you want to reach out to your parents or grandparents and help them keep in touch with you, try out these plans and make them smile.