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Innovative Logo Design Trends for 2018

A new year means fresh logo design trends. This year seems to favor simpler logos and shapes than in the past years.

As Magicdust points out, innocent business owners often commit the mistake of choosing an elaborate logo design to squeeze in as much meaning as possible. Doing this is not only unnecessary but can also distract a website’s visitors.

Logos have to stand out, but they also have to be simple. It’s not surprising why 2018 trends for logo design casts off complicated processes and opts for a no-nonsense feel.

Lowercase Dominance

The influence of e.e. cummings is finally making its way to mainstream design, as logo design features more lowercase letters. However, it works best when used with complementary elements. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Use typeface fonts
  • A contrasting background puts more emphasis on the letters
  • Make letters clear and highly readable
  • Choose a heavier font to create a sense of balance
  • Add white space for a stronger visual impact
  • Pick short and sweet words
  • Limit other elements to highlight the lowercase letters

Simple Lines and Shapes

Geometric shapes are becoming a new trend for design projects, and it is making its mark on logo design too. Clean lines with a splash of color create a less complex design.

For these shapes, a circle or square format usually works as most of these are designed for social media profiles.


Most people talk in acronyms these days, which is why logo design is also getting influenced by this trend. Acronyms often become the secondary logo, but to be effective, the user needs to show some interest or know what the letters stand for.

Some tips on making this work includes the following:

  • Box the letters for emphasis
  • Use your initials for portfolio websites
  • Add images or simple animation to complement the text


These days a lot of logos come in circles, thanks to the growing influence of social media websites and how convenient it is to use them on corner locations on printed designs. Circles also represent harmony and continuity which make it quite meaningful as far as symbolism is concerned.

Top tips to make this work includes:

  • Don’t force a design element to go into a circle
  • Complement circles with the right color palette
  • Add lettering outside if it is too long

Single Color Logo

Using one color on your logo is not just simple, it’s chic. Don’t be afraid to explore colors other than black and white. Here are some pointers:

  • Let the color speak for itself
  • Swatches of other colors are enough, don’t make it too colorful
  • Choose meaningful colors

Here are a few more useful tips on how to make monochromatic color work for your logo design and the overall feel of your website.