Need a new printer for your office? Follow this easy guide!

While digitization is at its peak, it is impossible to eliminate the need for printing documents and papers, especially in offices. If you need a new printer at work, below is a guide that can come handy for comparing the choices better.

 Types of printers available

  1. Inkjet Printers. If you need high quality images, documents and photographs, inkjet printers are your best bet. These have separate cartridges for colors, and the ink is sprayed directly on the paper in form of droplets. Inkjet printers are known for quality and there are 3-in-1 variants, which allows all three important functions at a workplace – scan, copy and print. Some even have an option for fax. Pros include support for different paper types and the price can be cheaper than laser printers in some cases. On the flip side, inkjet printers must be used frequently to prevent drying out of inks.
  2. Laser printers. If you need to print considerable amount of paper and documents each day, laser printers might work better. These use toner instead of ink, and the whole process of printing is much faster. Laser printers also tend to be expensive and bulky in size, especially the bigger ones. Pros include faster printing speed, reduced cost per page, and better-quality documents, while on the flip side, these printers can be expensive and are not ideal for images and photos.
  3. Photo Printers. Some offices do need to print photos frequently, and instead of relying on a printing service, investing in a photo printer might be a better idea. These are ideal for printing photos and can print on different kinds of papers. Since the produced photos are usually of high quality, the cartridges and printers tend to be expensive.

Tips on buying

If you are shopping for printers for the first time, it is important to consider the needs of your office. For higher printing volumes, laser printers are always better, despite the initial upfront cost. Secondly, you need to check the cost of maintaining the printer, which includes the cost of cartridges. For the best deals and offers, online stores are better. You can check printers for sale from, which stocks almost every leading brand. Inkjet printers are more ideal for smaller offices, especially where the requirements are minimal.

Before buying a printer, don’t forget to check the brand and product reviews for comparing the options better.