Review on Naecheap by the Experts

Web hosting is practically a service that permits individuals and organizations to post a web page or website on the internet. As per this service, your websites are stored or hosted on different kinds of servers. When the users on the internet intend to view your site, they just need to type the website domain or address on their browser and their system will automatically connect to the server where your website is stored and the user would be able to view it.

Features to look for

If you do sufficient research work on the internet then you would come across several web hosting sites like Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator Cloud, Namecheap etc. Some of the basic features you should look for while selecting any web hosting site are:

  • Disk space – Every hosting account offers an amount of disk space where you can store the web files. It is always recommended that you make a rough estimate of the space you might require for your web files, emails, database etc.
  • Data transfer or bandwidth – Often you get to hear about these terms but they are not the same. Bandwidth is the total amount of data which can be transferred at once while data transfer refers to the actual amount of data that is transferred.
  • Email accounts – This is a very common feature of any hosting site especially when it about hosting a domain. There are practically 3 types of email accounts forwarding, POP3 and aliases.
  • FTP access – Once the web page is created on your computer, the files need to be transferred to the web server. These files are transferred to the server of the service provider with the help of FTP.

If you are thinking of availing the service of Namecheap, then it is suggested that you take a look at the Namecheap review.

Check online

NameCheap is an amazingly popular web domain registrar, developed in the year 2000 in Arizona. The company presently has more than 3 million customers and manages more than 7 million domains. If you check the Namecheap review given by Superbthemes, the company is known for providing quality service at a very cheap price. Some of the exclusive features offered by Namecheap are:

  • Hosting services – Setting up a website with them is pretty easy. Their navigation system is quite user-friendly.
  • User interface and experience – The Company has built their reputation for providing a user-friendly experience. They use one of the best control panels that are simple and clean.
  • Pagespeed and server uptime – This Company is very serious regarding its uptime. Till the month of May this year, they have experienced only a total downtime of only 9 minutes. It doesn’t load the server heavily like its competitors and this helps them in maintaining high speed and uptime.
  • Packages and pricing – Their dedicated server and hosting plans offer good service and functionality at a competitive price. Their lowest plan is just $2.88 a month that offers unmetered bandwidth and 20GB of storage space. The dedicated servers are charged at $58.88 a month.
  • Excellent customer support – Namecheap offers24 hours of live chat support which is a must for any quality hosting operator.