Shared Data Plan for Your Business: Everything You Need to Know

As businesses become more established, it can become more challenging to figure out solutions to problems that should be solved immediately. Luckily, reputable phone plan carriers today offer shared data plans to help business owners identify these challenges and determine the best available solutions.

A shared data plan offers a certain amount of data that multiple smartphone users can use, rather than having the users subscribe to individual plans. This means that you will only be paying a single monthly bill, allowing you to spend less on expensive overages. Aside from mobile data, this plan can also include text messages and CUG minutes.

Benefits of Shared Data Plans


With a shared data plan, you can create a plan that will meet the needs of all your employees to ensure the growth of your business. Depending on the number of users, you can choose how many call minutes and text messages, and how much data, should be included in the plan.


Sharing data will help save your business save money and time. Instead of getting a mobile phone plan for every key employee in your business, which is time-consuming and costly, you can subscribe to one shared plan. This also ensures that your employees can communicate with you and other co-workers without difficulty.

Moreover, they will have access to the Internet anytime they need to. There is no reason for them not to do their business tasks because you have provided them with resources.

Better control

With a single phone plan for your key employees, you can monitor where the most data is consumed. This way, you can easily make modifications whenever necessary.

For instance, you can set data caps for certain employees. Also, you can take data from one employee and allocate this to another employee depending on how much they consume.

What’s more, you will know who among your workers is communicating with specific clients, which can be a huge help when evaluating the individual performances of your employees.

3 Key Considerations Before Signing Up to a Shared Plan

A shared data plan is indeed a great way to manage your mobile expenses, but remember that this also involves risks. For instance, if one employee consumes all the data allowance, you can either be subjected to overage charges, or the business productivity will significantly be reduced because not all the devices will have Internet access.

To prevent this from happening, consider these three key considerations when selecting the best shared data plan.

1. Data roaming

Data roaming can easily consume your data allowance. When some of your employees are traveling on a regular basis, determine which country they often visit, and how frequently. From there, you will know who among your workers will be using more data. You can either increase the data allowance of the current shared plan or perhaps get another shared plan exclusive for data roaming.

2. Apps

There are apps that consume more data than the others, even when they are not frequently used. So make sure to determine which of the apps your employees are using consume the most data.

Also, figure out if this is important for your business. If it is not, get rid of them immediately. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your finances.

3. Personal use

Corporate smartphones are for business transactions only. But in reality, some employees are using the mobile phones provided by their company for personal purposes. As the business owner, know that this can significantly increase the total consumption of data, especially if you become lenient about this.

When choosing the best shared plan for your business, it is imperative for you to have an idea of who among your employees are using their business phones as personal devices and how much they are consuming on a monthly basis. As much as possible, you should be strict about the usage of business mobile phones. Emphasize to your employees that mobile for business should only be used for work purposes and personal use is not tolerable.

Indeed, a shared phone plan is beneficial to your business. But make sure to look for a service that gives you full visibility of the amount of data and the number of text messages and call minutes your employees are using. Most importantly, choose one that lets you and your employees remain connected and productive while preventing overage fees.

With visibility and better control, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding which shared data plan to choose.